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Atelier Christoph Oester

About Us

In the workshop founded in 1976 by Wolfgang Oester, sculptures are created in the classical style. In 1996 Christoph Oester joined his father’s business and has been running it since 2004 in the 2nd generation in Herborn Uckersdorf in Central Hesse.

Together with his father, Christoph Oester created, among others, the Herborn civic monument, the statue of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II in Neuruppin, the Karl Heine monument in Leipzig, the Germania by Gustav Eberlein in Neuhaus, …

Today, Atelier Oester not only creates large monuments, but also trophies for western equestrian sports and exclusively for HighEndNovum sound art in bronze. In addition, old art treasures are reconstructed and restored in the workshop.

Am Mühlgraben 1 | 35745 Herborn-Uckersdorf, Germany | Phone: +49 2772 / 99 80 321 | Mobile: +49 176 / 60 81 35 78 |